VA210-0.9-1.7-L AOTF成像系统

VA210-0.9-1.7-L AOTF成像系统

Brimrose Corporation of Americahas introduced a new series of Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter (AOTF) Camera Video Adapters. This Adapter is designed for NIR spectra imaging and has a Nikon 70-300mmSRL objective lens in front of the AOTF.  The AOTF imaging system with Brimrose Synthesizer Electronics provides narrow bandwidth, rapid wavelength selection, and intensity control.  The designed wavelength ranges depend on the camera lens and Brimrose’s AOTF devices.  The high spatial resolution of the AOTF Camera system will be up to 1280 X 960 pixels.

Specifications VA210-0.9-1.7-L
Device Type Image Quality AOTF (aperture size 10 x 10 mm)
Wavelength range 900-1700nm*
Spectral Resolution 5 – 20 nm
Spatial Resolution >100 line pairs/ mm
Working Distance Depends on Camera Lens
Field of View 16 deg with Brimrose SWIR Lens (f22.5/F3.5)
Working Aperture F5.6-F22
Connection with Camera C-Mount**
Connection with Front Objective Lens C-Mount with a F-Mount adapter
CCD Camera 1/2” or 2/3” ** (Camera Provided by customer)
Driving Power ~2 Watts
RF Connector SMA
Drive Frequency 120 –  60 MHz
Weight 1 kg
Dimension 60 x 70 x 177 mm


Model VFI-90-60-SPF-B2-C2-X-Y-Z
Frequency Range 60-120 MHz
Frequency Step Size (Hz) 10 Hz
Frequency Accuracy (%, 15 – 75°C) 0.0001
Frequency Switching Speed (ns) 8 ns
Minimum Duration of Each Step (ns) 32 ns for sweeping mode1 ms for hopping mode
Phase Noise < -45 dBc/Hz @ 1 KHz in 1 Hz bandwidth
Output Power 2.0 W * max.
External Modulation TTL compatible, 0-5V, 330 ohms input impedance
Power Control 12 bit attenuator with 25 dB range (minimum)
Output Impedance (W) 50
Output Connector SMA
Option X Synchronization Output
Option Y Trigger Input (TTL level)
Option Z Software Development Kit (SDK) as DLL

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